The Importance of Short-Form Video for Independent Businesses

Jan 18, 2023

The use of video on social media has exploded in recent years. With the rise of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, small businesses have the opportunity to reach a massive audience through short-form vertical videos.

TikTok, in particular, has exploded in popularity, reaching over 2 billion downloads worldwide. The platform is not without controversy but touts an impressive merit-based algorithm, rewarding content viewers engage with, and guaranteeing it gets seen by an initial audience. This presents a significant opportunity for small businesses to reach potential customers without having to pay for advertising on the platform.

Using organic video allows small businesses to connect personally to their customers in a way that is engaging and shareable. This can help to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the business’s website. Additionally, using video on social media can help to build a community of loyal customers who are invested in the success of the business, and the business owner.

The days of static image posting and status updates have come and gone. 

A picture is worth 1,000 words, so a video has to be worth at least 10,000! 

The average time spent on TikTok every day is 52 minutes, not to mention the other platforms mentioned previously. Businesses need to engage with the consumer where they are spending their time, and that’s on these short-form platforms.

This, combined with the fact that 82% of users are more likely to purchase after seeing a product in a video on social media is a no-brainer for any size business.

In summary, it’s clear that incorporating video into a small business’s digital marketing strategy is vital. Not only does it increase brand awareness but helps to foster a community of dedicated customers. By leveraging the power of video on social media, small businesses can effectively promote their products and services.


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