“Stick a sign out front”

A roadside sign is marketing in its purest form. Anything relatively flat will do, a paint brush, a spray can, or even some good thick markers. Legible handwriting and a spot close to the road, and you’re in business.

There’s a story behind every one of those signs we drive by. They represent a passion, a skill, and often a signifciant source of family income. 

Sharing this hand-drawn and sometimes eclectic roadside advertising is a nod to the American entrepreneurial spirit. 

The ‘Hero Collection’ 

Hero Media Network has licensed a special collection from Backroad Threads, a Maine company that keeps an eye out for engaging signs along rural routes.

Proceeds from the sales of the Hero Collection are dedicated to the underwriting of video stories for non-profits and community volunteers that wouldn’t otherwise be told.

 Other Ways To Contribute 

Donate a Hero Package

You can purchase a hero package (video, ad campaign and permanent place on the network) for someone in your community. It’s a great way to share their story, advance their cause, and preserve their legacy. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.