A Digital Main Street

The highlight of any independent business website is the About Us page. It’s where the artist or entrepreneur tells their audience the “why” they do what they do, the motivation behind the madness. A hero video captures that emotion, along with beautiful imagery, to create a uniquely effective and authentic message.

Our History

The Hero Media Network is headquartered (appropriately) on Main Street in the rural town of Winthrop, Maine. Our broad new initiative springs from our creative group, Hero Media Arts, which has served our independent business neighbors for almost 10 years.

Most of our clients would never think of engaging an “agency” in the classic sense, conjuring thoughts of hefty monthly retainers, glass conference room tables and marketingspeak that can easily overwhelm.

They just need help in polishing their online presence, a necessity in our new normal. They need to look good and tell their story in an effective and compelling way. That’s our mission and our joy.

In 2018, we renamed our company “hero” (with a small ‘h’), to recognize the heroic nature of everyday life: one foot in front of another, pursuing a passion or an obligation with pride and perseverance.

We believe our video profiles are both effective marketing tools and entertaining short films. We present our clients in a way that cuts through  media clutter and connects with potential new customers. We also hope that in spending two minutes with a stranger, we might recognize a piece of ourselves.

Stories dissolve the assumptions we make about each other.

William Blaine-Wallace


Your hero video has a permanent place on our network, and it’s also yours to keep and embed in your own website. If you need help with that, or feel it’s time for a site refresh, we can help. We can also provide additional video cuts or other graphic design services. Our sister company, Cove Design Works, is standing by for a free consultation.